What Happens If You Don’t Renew Your Car Registration on Time?

Speeding Ticket

Let’s paint a scenario for a moment: you go into your glove compartment to grab something real quick. Your car registration drops to the floor, and when you pick it up, you notice that the expiration date is several days or even weeks past. This is more common than you think.

Life happens sometimes, and it can be easy to forget these annual or bi-annual things. If you have an expired registration, don’t panic. It’s usually an easy fix especially with the availability of the internet. Some states do offer a grace period after the expiration date to provide motorists with a little extra time to renew before they are subject to any fees or other penalties. While a grace period will keep you from accumulating late fees, in most states, this may not save you from a ticket if you are stopped.

If you are required to pay a late fee or penalty in addition your registration fee, that amount can vary greatly depending on the state your vehicle is registered in. The most important thing to do is renew your registration as soon as possible to make sure you are driving legally. If you want to avoid fines and the risk of getting pulled over, eTags.com might be a smart option.

How eTags.com Can Help for Future Years


Do you live in Florida or California? Have you had issues in the past with renewing your registration on time or online with your state agency? eTags.com can help. When you place an order online, eTags.com will allow you to renew your registration in the quickest, most efficient manner possible. No more trips to the DMV or unexplained tech issues to deal with. In addition to that, eTags.com will send you a reminder by email before your registration is due to expire the following term. That way, you can just go online and complete your registration renewal in minutes. It’s the easiest way to renew your registration on-time, every time.


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