Three Annoying Errands that Are No Longer Necessary Because of the Internet


Technology has afforded many new conveniences that certainly weren’t possible twenty years ago. You can shop, pay your bills, connect with friends and family, and more anywhere you have an internet connection. You can also take care of errands that may have been annoying and time-consuming in the past. Businesses are leveraging technological solutions to connect customers with professionals who can help them complete their to-do lists or providing them with more efficient solutions that address their needs. Here are three annoying errands that technology has helped to mitigate:


A trip to the DMV to Renew Your Registration. Nobody has ever said that they were going to the DMV with a smile on their face. If you don’t have the time or patience to renew your registration in person, offers simple online registration renewal. And you’ll never have to wait for your number to be called.


Shopping for a Big Party. A trip to the grocery store can quickly go south depending on the crowd and what you need. Many grocery stores now provide delivery services, or you can use a freelance contractor service like TaskRabbit to hire someone to do your shopping for you.


Hail a Cab without Raising a Finger: Obviously most of us have heard of Uber or Lyft, but their impact on travel can’t be overstated. These apps have enabled travelers to find a ride whenever they need it with the touch of their mobile device.